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Single Day Tour Package in Nairobi: 1 Day Tours from Nairobi to Nairobi Landmark Features

One Day Tours From Nairobi :

If you are in nairobi and wondering where you can go to spend that free day or afternoon, then there are several places that you may want to consider in teh city. Some of these are wildlife areas while others are historical museums, locomotive museums, animal orphanages, slum tours, Restaurants, city walking tours, hiking tours and even biking tours in nairobi.

Nairobi National Park 1 Day Tours: One Day African Lion Safari in Nairobi Animal Park

The Nairobi national park is located 8km from the town centre and 15km from the Nairobi Intl Airport. The park is only 117sq km in size and with 3 main ecosystems from dry land forest to the western end of the park, the savannah grassland to the south of the park and the riverine forest vegetation at the southern most boundary.

The animals in the park are also divided according to the three habitats in the park and they represent the majority of all animals that can be found in Kenya including lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.

The Nairobi Single day tour involves a 4hr game drive in the park and can be done in the morning starting at 7am or in the afternoon beginning at 2pm. The Nairobi national park tour is best when combined with any other tour or with a lunch or dinner at the carnivore or rangers restaurants in the vicinity.

Daphnes Baby Elephant Orphanage:Go on a Nairobi One (1) Day Elephant Baby Safari Tour

The Daphnes baby elephant orphanage is located on the western edge of Nairobi National Park and is involved in the rescue, caring and rehabilitating orphaned baby elephants as a result of poaching or abandonment or accidents.

The orphans are taken care of in the orphanage and are even nursed using bottled milk by the caregivers. The caregivers become adoptive mothers and they even sleep in the same quarters with the baby elephants.
You can watch the baby orphaned elephants being fed and as they play at the waterholes as you get a lecture of each of them including their names and background and how they are coping at the nairobi orphaned baby elephants sanctuary. You can also adopt a baby elephant at the orphanage by making small donations and you are informed of their progress through a newsletter.

Giraffe Center Baby Orphanage tour: One Day Nairobi Giraffe Tours Packages to Giraffe Sanctuary

The giraffe centre is another orphanage that specialices in saving Rothschild giraffes which are highly endangered. The giraffes are housed in a large area and a raised platform is provided where you can watch them and even feed them with pellets. They are friendly giraffes and you can even hold them and take some very nice photos.

The Giraffe centre is managed by African Fund for Endangered Wildlife-AFEW which also has other conservation projects in the country. You can also adopt a baby giraffe at the giraffe center by making some donations and you will receive regular news of the adopted giraffe through their newsletters.

Karen Blixen Museum Day Tour by Denmark: One Day Historical Tour to Blixen Danes Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is a colonial history attraction which was a former coffee farm and house for Karen Blixen. The lady owner returned home to Denmark after the coffee business became a cropper and started writing as an author. She became widely popular through her book "Out of Africa" which was a recount of her love for Africa, her farm and the love affair with another British settler.

The tour is a famous guided walk through her years in kenya and love life in the country and eventually her writing days in Denmark. The Karen blixen is very popular with Denmark Tourists in Kenya as they want to see the house and farm that they have read about their fellow Dane.

To find out more on the One Day Nairobi tours, click here : Tour in Nairobi or here: Amboseli National Park Tours

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Nairobi One Day Excursions: 1 Day Nairobi Excursion Tour to Nairobi National Park, Elephant Orphanage,

1 Day Excursions in Nairobi :

You can go on a one day excursion to nairobi national park, Karen blixen, giraffe center, bomas of kenya and many other places. All these are 20minutes or less from the town in the suburbs and you can actually do a morning tour and be back in your hotel for a meeting in the afternoon. Some of the best places for a one day Nairobi excursion tour are:

Nairobi National Park One Day Excursion: 1 Day Nairobi Wildlife Park Excursions

Nairobi national park is located about 8km from the central business district of Nairobi and is also about 12km from the Nairobi international airport. The park is small at 117sq km and has most of the animals you would expect to find in other Kenyan Parks including lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 450 species of birds.

The nairobi national park half day Excursion is a four hour game drive and involves driving through the forested western side of the park and then dropping into the southern savannah grasslands to see the lions and finally going for a river side guided walk.

Nairobi Baby Elephant Orphanage Excursion: One Day Nairobi Orphaned Elephant Sanctuary Tour

The Nairobi baby elephant sanctuary is located within the nairobi national park and is managed by the david Sheldrick Wildlife trust which has several other conservation projects including a desnaring program in the larger Tsavo National Park.

The Elephant orphanage in nairobi collects all orphaned baby elephants and baby rhinos and takes care of them until they can fend for themselves and are returned to the wild. Visitation hours for the orphanage are from 11am to 12pm and you can see the baby elephant orphans being fed milk from bottles and playing in the muddy waters at the water holes. You will given a short lecture on each of them with their history and recovery process.

People that want to adopt a baby elephant are allowed to come back at 4pm and adopt an orphan through making some donations. You will be updated on your adopted baby elephant through a regular newsletter sent all over the world to all adopting parents.

The giraffe center/ Orphanage/Sanctuary Excursion: One (1) Day Orphan Giraffe baby Zoo Tour

The Giraffe center is located afew minutes from the Daphne Sheldrick elephant orphanage and is another orphanage for Rothschild giraffes. These giraffes are housed in a large piece of land where they can roam around. Rothschild giraffe are one of the most endangered species of giraffes in the world and only a few remain in the wilderness.

Here you can touch and feed the giraffes from a high structure and you get to take very nice photos holding and feeding the giraffes from your hand or even mouth for that kiss effect from a giraffe. Make a small donation and you can also adopt a giraffe from this nairobi orphaned baby giraffe orphanage.

To find out more on the Nairobi Day tours, click here : Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage or here: Karen Blixen Day Tours

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Nairobi Kenya One Day Tour Package: Nairobi 1 Day Tours to Nairobi Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi Park, Karen Blixen, Giraffe Center

Nairobi Kenya Day Tour:

If you have a free day in Nairobi, there are some interesting places that you may want to visit and enjoy wildlife, historical or sightseeing attractions. All the Nairobi one day tours revolve around the nairobi city with none further than 20 minutes from the other. You will therefore be able to do your tours in Nairobi city in time to resume your other things.

Nairobi National Park Half Day tour Package: Nairobi Animals Park One Day Tours

The Nairobi National park one day tour is a 4 hr game drive in the park to see the wildlife there in a mini van with a pop up roof top. These tours are usually done in the morning or afternoon and can be combined with the other tours to fully occupy your day in nairobi.

The park is 117sq km in size and is located only 7km from the town centre and only 10km from the NBO airport. The park is home to most of the kenyan wildlife including lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.

Karen Blixen Museum Day Tours: One Day Tour to Nairobi Museums

The Karen Blixen is a former coffee farm and house of the Lady Karen Blixen who was wife to the Baron of Denmark Bror Blixen. After the Barons death, Karen returned to Denmark and started a writing career which propelled her to international fame through her book "Out of Africa". The book would later be done into a movie by the same title which highlighted the authors love for her farm in Ngong Hills, and her love affair with Denys Finch Hutton another British nobility and famous hunter.

The tour is a guided walk around the house which has been completely restored to include all the furniture and memorabilia of the colonial Kenya period. This nairobi Onde day tour is very popular among the Denmark citizens who want to see the real house of Karen blixen after having read her works.

Giraffe Center One Day Tour Package: Adopt a Baby Giraffe on One Day Giraffe Tour in Nairobi Kenya

The giraffe center is a Rothschild giraffe sanctuary which is managed by African Fund for Endangered Wildlife AFEW. The giraffes can be fed with pellets from a raised platform and this gives you a very good opportunity to take a once in a life time photograph of the giraffe kissing you even.

You can also adopt a baby giraffe at the giraffe centre by giving a donation which goes towards ensuring their safety. You will also be updated regularly of your adoptees progress through their periodical newsletter sent world wide to adoptive parents.

Daphne Sheldricks Nairobi Baby Elephant Orphanage: Adopt a Baby Elephant Orphan in a One Day Nairobi Elephant Baby Tour Packages

This is one of the most popular one day nairobi tours to the nairobi orphan baby elephant sanctuary. This orphanage is managed under the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which was started in 1977 by the late former founder warden of Tsavo National Park.

The Baby elephant orhans having being rescued all over the country are brought here for specialised care under the watchful eyes of the caregivers who assume the role of parents. The baby elephants will be fed with a milk formulae and you can watch them during feeding time as they play in the water holes or with a football.

You can adopt a baby elephant orphan at the nairobi baby elephant orphanage and give a donation and you will get to spend more time with your adopted baby. Later they will be sending you updates of your adopted baby regularly to update you on his/her progress through their world wide newsletter.

Sojourns Safaris offers you One (1) Day Nairobi city tours to all these attractions. To find out more on the One Day Nairobi tours, click here : One Day Trips from Nairobi or here: Single Day Tours to Amboseli

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One Day Nairobi Safari Package: Nairobi 1 Full Day Safaris to Nairobi, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru National Parks

1 Day Nairobi Safari Packages:There are a couple of one full day safaris from Nairobi that you can do and get back to town before dusk. Some of these involve a 3hr drive out of Nairobi while others can be a combination of several attractions within the city to occupy a full day. Whichever tour package that you choose, you will be guaranteed to see lots of wildlife and meet different people of Kenya.
Nairobi National Park, Karen Blixen and Giraffe Centre: One Day Nairobi Safari Packages
This tour revolves around attractions within the Nairobi area and all the attractions are within 20minutes of each other in Nairobi suburbs. The nairobi national park tour can be done in the morning or in the afternoon and its involves a 4hr game drive in the park to see all the animals in this 117sq km park which is only 7km from the town centre. The animals here include lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.
The Karen Blixen is a historical museum tour of the life of Karen Blixen, a Danish nobility whose husband died in Kenya and she returned home to Denmark to become a famous author of the "Out of Africa" Book that was to be done into a movie later.....The giraffe centre is a giraffe orphanage for Rothschild giraffes, one of the most highly endangered giraffes in the world. The giraffe can be seen and fed by hand from a raised platform at the giraffe centre; you will be able to take wonderful pictures with a giraffe in hand or with the famous giraffe kiss. You can adopt a baby giraffe from the nairobi orphan baby giraffe orphanage.
You can combine these tours with a visit to the Nairobi Baby elephant orphanage which is a very popular place to visit and see the baby elephants from 11am to 12pm. You can see the elephants as they are being fed with milk formulae from plastic feeding bottles and as they play with mud at the water hole. You will also get to learn their names and history. You can adopt a baby elephant orphan at the nairobi baby elephant orphanage.
These tours will take you a whole day and they are much fun to be around animals that you can touch, see and take photos around nairobi area. They are the best One Day Nairobi Safari Packages
Lake Nakuru National Park One Day Safari Package from Nairobi City: Nakuru Flamingo Day Trip
The lake nakuru national park day tour is a full day nairobi excursion tour into the rift valley area. Lake Nakuru national park is by far the most popular urban park in Kenya due to the fact that it is home to more than 2 million flamingos with their pink colour. Lake nakuru is the single largest bird spectacle in the world as the lake has more than 500 species of birds.
Lake Nakuru national park day tour begins with a 160km drive from nairobi and a 4 hr game drive including a lunch at the famous Lion Hill Sarova Lodge inside the park. The one day excursion tour to Lake Nakuru can be done comfortably in a day and is most famous with keen bird watchers on the best bird watching safari in Kenya.
Some of the other animals foung in lake nakuru include lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, hippo, Rothschild giraffes, zebra, gazelles, hyenas, large sized pythons, waterbucks, colobus monkeys, baboons, flamingos, and hundreds of species of birds. Lake Nakuru day tour from Nairobi is a very rewarding Great Rift valley lakes one day travel package.
Amboseli National Park One Day Safari Tour from Nairobi Town: Amboseli/ Kilimanjaro View Day Trip
Amboseli National park lies 3.5hrs south of nairobi at the border with Tanzania. Amboseli is a 160sq km park in the shadows of mt kilimanjaro which can be seen in the distance with its ice capped peak piercing through the white clouds.
Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing snow covered equitorial mountain in the world and it is very visible in the early morning and mid day on a clear day. The mountain is very famous with mountain climbers and hikers that are looking to conquer the highest peak in Africa. The Kilimanajaro ice melt feeds the Amboseli national park swamps with clear water through millions of underground lava tubes.
Amboseli Full day tour from nairobi starts very early at 6am and involves a 4hr game drive and lunch at the Amboseli Serena Lodge which is a five star lodge right below the Kilimanjaro and near a swamp frequented by elephants. It is only in amboseli that you can watch the 1200 strong elephant herds come to drink and swim in the waters of the swamps in the park. The Amboseli one day tour package returns to Nairobi by 6.30pm and you are transferred to the airport or back to your hotel. Nothing is more rewarding that the Nairobi One day guided tour to Amboseli National Park.
Sojourns Safaris offers you One (1) Day Nairobi city tours to all these attractions. To find out more on the One Day Nairobi tours, click here : One (1) Day Nairobi Tours or here: Nakuru/ Amboseli Full Day Safari Tours

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Nairobi One Day Travel Package: Nairobi 1 Day Travels to Nairobi Town Tour, Nairobi National Park, Nairobi Baby Elephant Orphanage

One Day Travel in Nairobi:

The next time you are in Nairobi and have a free morning or afternoon or a free day for that matter, you may want to go to some of the good spots in town. Some of these are sightseeing places, others are wildlife areas, historical museums, food and restaurants, and just simple town tours.

Nairobi National Park One (1) Day Travel Package-One Day Travels in Nairobi 

The Nairobi national park was formed in 1945 and is the first national park in Kenya. It is only 117sq km and is located a mere 7km from the town centre. The park is only 10 km from the Nairobi International and you only need 15-20minutes to get there from any direction in nairobi town.

The park has most of the wildlife found in other kenyan parks besides the elephant. You will be able to see animals in nairobi national park like the lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds. A day tour to nairobi national park involves a 4hr game drive in a mini van with a pop-up roof top for viewing game and taking photos. The One day Nairobi national park Travel package can be done in the morning or the afternoon.

Nairobi Town Tour Travel Itinerary: Nairobi Town One Day Travel Plans

The Nairobi town tour is a drive by tour which starts from the Railway museum where you will learn the origins of nairobi city from the stopover midway camp during the construction of the Uganda railway to the timber shops and dirt streets resembling the Wild west of America during the gold rush. You also get to see all the relics of the train wagons and alot of antiques of the 1800.

From here you drive through town towards the law courts, parliament buildings, times towers, Kenyatta International Conference Centre, city hall, city market and other buildings in town. You then drive to wards the capitol hill and take photos of nairobi from a vantage point. Next is the museum where you can see all the history of Kenya in pictures and relics. The Turkana boy bone fossils in the museum is believed to be among the oldest evidence of man in Africa.

Karen Blixen Museum Day Travel Place: One (1) Day Historical Travel Package in Nairobi

The Karen Blixen museum was the colonial home for a Danish Baron Bror Blixen who died and was succeeded by his wife Karen Blixen. The coffee farm they had started in 1913 folded up in 1930s and she was forced to return home and became a famous author. The suburbs around her Kenyan home are still known as Karen todate.

Her fame and glory came with her moving book "Out of Africa" which was later to be done into a movie which recounted her love for Africa, her farm in Ngong Hills and her love affair with Denys Finch Hutton. The tour takes you on a walk around the house with a narration on her life and love for Kenya.

Giraffe Centre and Giraffe Manor Day Travel Packages: One Day Giraffe Tour in Nairobi

The giraffe center is a giraffe sanctuary for the Rothschild giraffes which was started sometime ago. The center is run by AFEW which has several conservation projects in Kenya. Rothschild giraffes are highly endangered in the world and this family at giraffe center is a case study of how intervention can lead to successful breeding of the giraffes.

The giraffe centre share s the grounds with kenyas best home stay the giraffe manor which is a stone building that offers homestays and afternoon teas. The manor is a popular haunt with the giraffes who like to put their heads inside the restaurant and join you for some tea. They have a right of way here.
The giraffe center and giraffe manor gives you an opportunity to get close to a giraffe and take some photos. You can actually take photos as you feed the giraffe pellets from your hand or your mouth, for that giraffe kiss photo opp.

Daphne Sheldrick Orphaned Baby Elephant Orphanage: One (1) Day Baby Elephant Nairobi Tour

The Nairobi baby elephant orphanage is a very popular place where visitors go to see the orphaned elephant babies being fed milk from a bottle and when they are playing with a ball or with their caregivers. They also will offer a lecture to the attendees about the orphans like where they were taken from, their names, their behaviours etc. They are each assigned a caregiver who is never changed and they sleep in the same shed with the baby elephants to make sure he replaces the lost mother.

The Nairobi Baby Elephant Sanctuary also offers a chance to adopt a baby elephant or rhino by making a donation. You will then have a chance to take photos with the baby and later updates about her will be sent to you regularly through a newsletter which is distributed world wide to other adopting parents.

To find out more on the One Day Nairobi tours, click here : Tours in Nairobi or here: Amboseli 1 Day Tour Package

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Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations for 2012

Looking for a family vacation destination sure to please every member of your family? Well look no further as we provide our top ten family vacation choices. No matter what your vacation budget it, you are sure to find at least one of these fantastic choices that will fit the bill.
  1. Orlando, Florida: Our number one choice hands down is the world of amazing theme parks available here. What’s not to love? Disney World, Universal Studio, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and Gatorland just to name a few. When’s the best time to go? From Springbreak to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season you and your loved ones will find plenty of fun family-centered activities to fill your days and nights. This is where you will find the best bang for your buck as there are so many discounts and deals offered here right now. They seem to be changing daily, so keep checking and you will defiantly find a family vacation deal that will fit your families budget.
  2. Honolulu, Hawaii: With direct flights available from most U.S. Cities, your family is sure to enjoy this tropical paradise. Let me name a few of our family favorite places to visit when in Honolulu. Beautiful Waikiki Beach which includes the Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center, USS Arizona Memorial, Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve, picnicking and exploring at the Ala Moana and Kuchio Beach Parks and the Punchbowl Crater which is contained within a long extinct volcano crater and home to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. With so much to see, do and explore you are sure to find an excuse to plan a return visit.
  3. Los Angeles, California: For those of you living near the west coast, the Los Angeles/Anaheim area has many family fun places and activities for you and your children of all ages to enjoy. Visit the RMS Queen Mary ocean-liner, see Mickey Mouse and friend at Disneyland Park, also in the area are the Disney California Adventure Park, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Zoo, Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Walk of Fame and last but not least the Six Flags- Magic Mountain Xtreme Park. These year-round family destinations are sure to please even your toughest audience with family centered activities geared for young children, teens, young adults, parents and even grandparents.
  4. Kauai, Hawaii: Kauai is the garden island in the Hawaiian chain. You and your family will find an abundance of activities that are family friendly. There is so much to explore and do, for instance Hawaii Movie Tours, Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures, the South Pacific Dinner Show, Kauai Zip Line Adventure, dinner cruise, helicopter rides, Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum, Koke’e Natural History Museum, visit some of Kauaii’s nine amazing and varied state parks. Hawaii’s temperate climate draws families to vacation there year-round.
  5. Bahamas: As this popular family vacation destination is just a few short hours from the coast of Florida your vacation travel budget can go far enabling you and your family to enjoy a quality, pleasurable together time. There are so many tours and activities available. Some examples include dolphin encounters and swims, jet-ski adventures, kayaking trips, stingray encounters, parasailing, sunset cruises, snorkeling and scuba diving, native shows, biking tours, jeep tours, sub tours and glass bottom boat rides, fishing, sea lion encounters. White-sand beaches, turquoise waters, ethnic cuisine and beautiful exotic flowers and warm climate all make this destination a fun and relaxing location to visit.
  6. Kona, Hawaii: Come enjoy the most diverse island in the state as your family explores an active volcano, rain-forests and yes, even snow-capped mountains. The “Big Island” is a wonderful place to take your family here they will enjoy the ultimate in vacation destinations. Tour an active volcano at the Hawaii Volcano's National Park, whale watching cruise, snorkel, scuba diving, trips to the summit of Mauna Kea for sunset, Waipi'o Valley Wagon Tours, horseback rides, walking tours at the Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, walking tours of excellent botanical gardens and arboretums or go shopping at Hilos Farmers Market. There are an abundance of activities sure to appeal to everyone in your family.
  7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Many exciting opportunities are available for your family to make memories together that will last a lifetime. This area is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations where you can participate in a wealth of activities including day cruises, canopy tours, relaxing on the warm beaches, horseback riding, sailing, mountain biking, hovercraft riding, an evening experiencing a true Mexican Fiesta, sea turtle encounter, sea kayaking, swimming with dolphins or sea lions, deep sea fishing or whale-watching. At this time there are great bargains to be had as hotel and resort owners are offering discounts and special offers hoping to attract visitors to their exciting city.
  8. Turks and Caicos: Nestled in the beautiful, exotic Caribbean islands Turks & Caicos is a top contender in popularity for families with children of all ages. There are so many opportunities for families to unite, have fun together and explore a piece of paradise. A fun, unique attraction is the Conch Farm which is the only farm that raises conchs, tour the Turks & Caicos Museum, go whale watching for the giant humpback whale, relaxing together on the white-sand beaches, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving as well as bird watching and enjoying beach barbecues. Lots of fun in the sun!
  9. Dominican Republic: With at least 800 miles of coastline along the azure waters of the Caribbean sea located at the east end of the island of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic welcomes families who will find that the many all-inclusive resorts in the country are ideal for vacations. Of course beach activities abound with water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, river rafting, wake-boarding, water skiing, surfing and kite-boarding as well as day trips to visit the local national park, Ocean World Adventure Park for close-up encounters with dolphins, sharks and tigers, horseback-riding and whale watching during the months of January through Mid-April.
  10. Cancun, Mexico: This beautiful Mexican destination has been working hard to draw families and not just the spring break crowd. Your family will fall in love with the stunningly beauty found in the region as you snorkel, swim with dolphins, tour Mayan ruins, go horseback riding, take a zip-line canopy tour, visit the aquarium or spend the day playing together at the Wet N’ Wild water park.
With so many wonderful, exciting destinations to choose from family vacations should be too tough to plan and you are sure to find one that fits both your style and budget.

Sojourns Safaris offers you the best Kenya safari holiday wildlife tours. To find out more on the Masai Mara wildebeest/gnu migration Safari holidays tours, Trips, safaris and Travels, click here : Kenya Safari Holidays or for 4 days Kenya masai mara lion safari holidays here: 2012 Masai Mara Wildlife Migration Safari in Kenya

Kenya Safari: Masai Mara 4 Day Travel Packages

The Masai mara Game Reserve is actually a progression of the larger Serengeti Ecosystem in Tanzania where 'National Geographic' feature documentaries are shot every year following the various animals in teh park. The Wildebeest migration is the single largest pull factor to the Masai Mara which sees 1.5 million wildebeest, a quarter of a million zebra and hundreds of plains game migrate from the Serengeti into the Mara following the rainfall patterns from Late Early July to September. The migration always spurs a following retinue of lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and vultures taking advantage as the perils of the long journey take serious toll on the wildebeest.
4 Days Masai Mara Safari Itinerary
Day 1: Arrival
Your Masai Mara Wildlife Safari begins with a meet and greet at the JKIA airport and transfer to your hotel in nairobi for an overnight stay. If you have some time after check in, you can have a short city tour (at a small cost) to places like the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, The giraffe center where you get a picture of a giraffe kiss, the Karen Blixen museum and others. You will also be briefed of your safari to the masai mara before dinner and overnight in the city hotel.
Day 2 : Nairobi-Masai Mara
Depart Nairobi at 0700hrs for your holiday in Masai mara passing through the Great Rift valley with awesome views of the rift from view points on the eastern escarpment. Drive into the Rift Valley floor and rise to the Mau highlands with expansive wheat farms and onto the masai plains of the legendary masai mara vacation. Arrive in time for Lunch and check in to the Sopa Lodge. Afternoon game drive till dusk with dinner and over night at lodge.
Day 3: Masai Mara
After breakfast, you will depart the lodge with packed lunch and go to the mara river where you can watch the crocodiles, hippos, lions, leopards and the famous crossing points for the wildebeest migration. Have your packaged lunch on the banks of the mara river and later return to lodge for a short rest and a dip in the pool to cool off. An evening game drive after the 1600hrs coffee until 6:30pm will allow you to catch the big cats active when the sun is down and is cooler. This is the best day to see most of the wildlife in your short tour to Masai Mara.
Day 4: Masai Mara-Nairobi
Get up for an early game drive and a late Breakfast followed by Departure from the lodge for Nairobi. Your short masai mara holiday safari ends in nairobi with a drop off at the airport or any preferred place in the city.
We will arrange the Nairobi tour, pick you up at the airport, and drop you off later in time for your flight. Learn more on the Masai Mara Kenya Safari

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Nairobi City One Day Tours: Go on a Nairobi City 1 DayTour To Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen

There are many places in Nairobi city tour that you can go to visit for sightseeing or even wildlife game drives. You do not need to get bored trying to kill time in your hotel or at the Nairobi airport layover when on transit. Some of the places to be visited are really cheap and you can have a tour ranging from 2, 3, 4, 5, to 11 hours.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National park is the only park in the world that is found within the boundaries of a capital city. It is only 7 minutes away from the central business district. This means that it is within easy reach from the airport and from any hotel in town. There are many animals to be seen here including the lions, giraffes, rhino, baboons, cheetah, crocodiles, hippo, buffalo, wildebeest, topi and many others. The trip mostly lasts for 4 hours and you will definitely have a good time in this park.

Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen was a danish lady that settled in Kenya in colonial times and started a coffee farm on the South western edges of Nairobi. Karen Blixens romantic love live in Kenya was made famous by her book and later acted in a movie Out of Africa. After her death on return to Denmark, Karen Blixen House was donated by the Danish government to the National Museums of Kenya and turned into a museum.

The tour involves a walk through the house which is still set in its original furnishings and game trophys adorning the walls. It is a nice way to see the history of Kenya in colonial era.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

This is located in one corner of nairobi national park and is a sanctuary for orphaned baby elephants. A visit here will treat you to seeing the baby eles being bottle fed with milk and playing at the mud holes and football.

David sheldrick is open to the public for a hour from 1100hrs to 1200hrs which is the feeding time for the baby elephants. People who want to adopt an elephant can visit again at 1600hrs to see them in their bedrooms and get a closer time with baby elephants and their handlers.

Giraffe Centre

The giraffe centre is a farm in Karen area which is sponsored by the African Foundation for Endangered Wildlife AFEW. It also serves as their offices. They have Rothschild giraffes in the farm and they have build a high observation tower where you can get close and personal with the giraffe when feeding pellets to them.

One of the highlights of the giraffe center is to get a picture of a giraffe kiss when the giraffe is trying to pick a pellet from your mouth.

We will arrange the 1 Day Nairobi Tours, pick you up at the airport, and drop you off later in time for your flight. Click here to arrange a nairobi one day travel package: One Day Amboseli Tours

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