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Nairobi One Day Excursions: 1 Day Nairobi Excursion Tour to Nairobi National Park, Elephant Orphanage,

1 Day Excursions in Nairobi :

You can go on a one day excursion to nairobi national park, Karen blixen, giraffe center, bomas of kenya and many other places. All these are 20minutes or less from the town in the suburbs and you can actually do a morning tour and be back in your hotel for a meeting in the afternoon. Some of the best places for a one day Nairobi excursion tour are:

Nairobi National Park One Day Excursion: 1 Day Nairobi Wildlife Park Excursions

Nairobi national park is located about 8km from the central business district of Nairobi and is also about 12km from the Nairobi international airport. The park is small at 117sq km and has most of the animals you would expect to find in other Kenyan Parks including lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 450 species of birds.

The nairobi national park half day Excursion is a four hour game drive and involves driving through the forested western side of the park and then dropping into the southern savannah grasslands to see the lions and finally going for a river side guided walk.

Nairobi Baby Elephant Orphanage Excursion: One Day Nairobi Orphaned Elephant Sanctuary Tour

The Nairobi baby elephant sanctuary is located within the nairobi national park and is managed by the david Sheldrick Wildlife trust which has several other conservation projects including a desnaring program in the larger Tsavo National Park.

The Elephant orphanage in nairobi collects all orphaned baby elephants and baby rhinos and takes care of them until they can fend for themselves and are returned to the wild. Visitation hours for the orphanage are from 11am to 12pm and you can see the baby elephant orphans being fed milk from bottles and playing in the muddy waters at the water holes. You will given a short lecture on each of them with their history and recovery process.

People that want to adopt a baby elephant are allowed to come back at 4pm and adopt an orphan through making some donations. You will be updated on your adopted baby elephant through a regular newsletter sent all over the world to all adopting parents.

The giraffe center/ Orphanage/Sanctuary Excursion: One (1) Day Orphan Giraffe baby Zoo Tour

The Giraffe center is located afew minutes from the Daphne Sheldrick elephant orphanage and is another orphanage for Rothschild giraffes. These giraffes are housed in a large piece of land where they can roam around. Rothschild giraffe are one of the most endangered species of giraffes in the world and only a few remain in the wilderness.

Here you can touch and feed the giraffes from a high structure and you get to take very nice photos holding and feeding the giraffes from your hand or even mouth for that kiss effect from a giraffe. Make a small donation and you can also adopt a giraffe from this nairobi orphaned baby giraffe orphanage.

To find out more on the Nairobi Day tours, click here : Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage or here: Karen Blixen Day Tours

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