Friday, January 25, 2013

Kenya Tour: 5,6,7,8, Days Kenya Migration Safari Tour

Masai mara is known as the mecca of the greatest migration in the world. The masai mara is a continuous savannah grasslands with the larger Serengeti ecosystem. Masai mara is a virtual plain with undulating velds of unending grasslands. The whole area is more than 1500 sq km in size. It is in masai mara where the wildebeest migration moves northwards from Serengeti following the lure of the fresh pasture brought about by the rainfall patterns. Over 1,500,000 wildebeests, 500,000 zebras and more than 300,000 gazelles cross the plains in this annual migration fraught with dangers.

Your masai mara migration safari tour this year will start from the samburu national park in the north of Kenya in what will be an 7-8 day epic safari. Samburu is a dry area north of the equator which has very different animals from the Masai mara. You have a 2 day sojourn in samburu where you will see the undulating hills and great river Ewaso ngiro with its hundreds of crocodiles, elephants and many other animals. 

The Mount Kenya is your next destination where you get to see Africa’s second highest mountain in its majesty. The snow covered mt Kenya is a big attraction and a night in the mt Kenya national park lodges will give you a completely different taste of montane climate and see animals at night coming to drink at the water holes. This is your best chance to see a leopard or a rhino at night.

Your next destination in the Kenya migration safari tour is the lake Nakuru which is a salty water lake located on the floor of the rift valley. Lake Nakuru is singularly known for its over 2 million flamingos that flock its shores forming a pink ribbon that can be seen from miles around. The flamingos are attracted here by the algal bloom which thrives in these alkaline waters. There are other animals in this park including tree-climbing lions, buffalos, rhinos and many others. This one night safari trip is a bird watchers paradise and there are more than 400 species of them in the lake.

The Masai mara is the climax of your week long Kenya safari tour and you will be here for three days and 2 nights or more. Your trip is timed such that you get to the Masai mara at exactly the time that the wildebeest migration is at its peak. You will stay in one of the most respected lodges and have atleast 2 game drives a day following the migration across the Masai mara plains.

Mara river crossing is the ultimate experience in this greatest East African Migration safari tour. The wildebeest and zebras have to cross the mara river which by this time is full to the brim with raging flood waters. Over 2000 of them die at each river crossing every year thanks to the murderous stampede as they haste to escape the crocodiles and the raging current. Many of them suffer broken limbs, spines and others just drown. It’s a feast for the crocodiles. But that’s a small price to pay for the wildebeest since by February of every year, over 300,000 new calves are born in the plains of the Ngorongoro.

You can make arrangements early for your 2013 Kenya wildebeest migration safari tour to ensure you get accommodation in some of the best lodges. Space is very limited in the peak season of July through October when the migration is at its best. You will need to book well in advance and sometimes as early as March to get accommodation. Get more details on how to book this Years 2013 wildebeest migration Safari Vacation in Masai mara here: 5, 6,7, 8 Days Wildebeest Migration Safari Tour


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