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Kenya-Africa travel Itinerary Planner; Kenya Holiday planner -Safari Planning Tour in Kenya Africa

Kenya Holiday itinerary planner is now as easy as A-Z. Just fill in a simple Kenya safari questionnaire to tailor your own special itinerary trip or itinerary tour to Kenya. In as few as 1 minute, you will detail all your Kenya travel needs and let a Kenya Travel agent put it together to your liking.

You will agree that the most difficult part in planning your itinerary tour or vacation in Kenya or Africa is…well the planning itself. Imagine it’s possibly your
What Is the Kenya Tour itinerary Planner?

The solution seems to have been provided for you already. It’s in such a way that you put in no uncertain terms, what you want your experience to be; the tour operator will do the rest. It’s more like how you give instructions to your lawyer to carry out. Enter the Kenya tour itinerary planner.

Sections of the Planner

There is now available, an easy to fill, interactive and exhaustive Kenya itinerary tour planning tool. The Kenya itinerary trip and itinerary tour planner has several key sections that cover your Kenya vacation holiday including:

a)Your Kenya travel details
b)Your length of stay in Kenya holiday
c)Your preferred Kenya adventure vacation activities.
d)Your level or degree of Kenya itinerary tour involvement
e)Your Choice of Kenya vacation accommodation type and finally
f)Your Choice of Kenya tour vehicle and transport

To give you an idea of how much you will be involved in the Kenya itinerary tour planner, let’s look at what each of the above sections.

Kenya Travel Information

This section of the Kenya safari itinerary will ask you straight questions on your planned dates of travel including:
i.Your name and contact details
ii.Number of People traveling to Kenya
iii.Dates of arrival in Kenya and flight numbers (if any at that point)
iv.Airports of arrival and departure in Kenya

Kenya Holiday Duration

How long you want your Kenya itinerary vacation or tour to last of course depends on your budgeted expenditure. Those combining Kenya and other East African countries tend to spread their vacation days depending on which country interests them most. In this section you will get to tell the operator about:

i.Your planned days of vacation in Kenya
ii.The type of Kenya travel itinerary you would want put together for you.

Kenya Tour Adventure Activities

In this section the Kenya itinerary planner wants you to state the kind of activities you wish to engage in. This is of course drawn from those that are available in Kenya. It would be hilarious to expect skiing or whale watching in the tropics for example. In this section you instruct to get arranged activities like:

i.Kenya Bird Watching
ii.Kenya park Walking safaris
iii.Kenya Game trekking
iv.Snow-capped Kenya Mountain climbing
v.Night game viewing in Kenya National parks
vi.Horseback safaris in Kenya National Parks
vii.Bungee Jumping in Kenya
viii.White water rafting in major Kenyan rivers
ix.Kenya lake vacation activities like boating
x.Dhow trips and dinners in Kenya
xi.Kenya lake park visits
xii.Kenya river tour
xiii.Camping in Kenya national parks
xiv.Kenya overland tour
xv.Visits to Kenya river parks and lodge parks among many other activities.

Lastly this section would want to know what level of involvement you would want to engage, in all the activities selected. Hardcore mountaineers for example would say ‘totally full on’ or ‘extreme sporting’.

Tour Adventure Accommodation in Kenya

Since accommodation more or less occupies that largest proportion of your holiday budget, you will find yourself juggling between standard, medium and luxury Vis a Vis the overall length of stay. Here you are able to advice the operator/ground handler on the type and your expectations.

Budget or not, nobody wants to end up in some nondescript, derelict, roof-reeking, claustrophobic- hole in the wall ‘hotel’. The Kenya tour itinerary planner enables you to avoid just that and indicate:

i.Your Kenya Accommodation requirements
ii.Room configuration
iii.Any other special arrangements
iv.Your planned Kenya vacation accommodation budget.

Kenya Vacation Car Rental and Transportation

In this section, the Kenya safari itinerary planner wants you to indicate the type of ground transport desired. In some instances travelers may want a driven tour van, Kenya tour coaches, Kenya bus tours, Kenya train tours or self driven Kenyan car rentals. This section therefore requests you to indicate:

i.The type of Kenya car rental desired
ii.Any other special requirement on transport
iii.Any Kenya air safaris needed.

The last section of the Kenya tour planner requests you for any other comments and special arrangements not covered in the itinerary planner.

Why Use the Kenya Tour Itinerary planner?

The Usefulness of the itinerary planner is basically the fact that it simplifies the otherwise arduous task of planning your vacation. It assists in several ways including:
a.Provides you with an interactive process that
puts planning of your Kenya tour in your own hands.
b.Provides you with hitherto unknown information about what is at the destination
without going into gory details.
c.Its simplified format saves you a lot of online research effort and time.
d.Assists the Kenyan tour operator know and design a Kenya tour itinerary that is
in your taste.
e.Avoids disappointments and dissatisfaction at the destination since you get what
you explicitly asked for.

Do yourself a favour the next time you are planning your Kenya itinerary tour or itinerary trip….fill in the Kenya safari tour planner .

Best of Safari Tour to You!

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