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Kenya Travel Tips Kenya-Travel Kenya–Weather, Visa, Money, Health & Credit Cards

Getting ready to travel or flight to Kenya vacation
Most travelers to Kenya come from Europe, North America, or Asia. This involves some serious travel, preparing for international formalities, and being ready for some cultural differences.

When to come/go to Kenya
The main tourist seasons are December-January and July-August, responding to international vacation schedules. The great Migration of wildebeests and zebra usually reaches Kenya’s Masai Mara during July-August. October-January is the best time for a beach holiday, as there is less seaweed.

Residents’ love the rest of the year as well-fewer tourists, brilliant green of new tropical growth, cooler temperatures, and lower rates everywhere. Temperatures are temperate all year. Day temperatures are typically between 20-30 c. or 65-85 F. The rainy seasons are usually in April – May and November.
Most people travel to Nairobi by air. It is not possible to fly directly to Nairobi from North America. You must connect with a flight leaving from London, Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Rome, or Zurich.
Reputable travel agents or the various airlines flying into Nairobi or connecting European city can sometimes find bargain fares, but beware of time and refund restrictions. Book in advance to be sure of a seat, especially at peak travel times. Be aware that there will be a $20 departure tax levied when you leave Kenya.
Passport and Visas to Kenya
Passports should be current and valid for at least six months after your stay in Kenya. Visas are required. Before you travel to Kenya, you should request your visa from any Kenyan embassy, consulate, or high commission, or from any British embassy in countries where there is no Kenyan embassy. Visas take at least 24hours to process plus mailing time if you live at a distance. You need to send two passport photos with the application and your passport, along with proof of your ability to leave Kenya such as an air ticket.
Although visitors are usually given six months visa, the length of stay granted at the airport may be less. It is important to know what is granted so that you can renew your length of stay if necessary. It is also possible to purchase a visa on arrival at the airport.
Kenyan Money
The number of shillings to the US Dollar varies often, but follows the central Bank of Kenya exchange rates which are quoted daily in the local newspapers. U.S. dollars and pounds sterling are easy to exchange as are traveler’s checks, which can be replaced if stolen. Kenya shillings are a soft currency.
Currency converter websites:
The universal Currency converter-currency converter with information updated daily.
Currency converter-More than 80 foreign exchange rates for any day since Jan1 1990 for more than 80 countries.
Major credit cards accepted in Kenya
Also accepted by many Kenyan hotels, Kenya travel agencies, Kenya car rentals companies, Kenya airlines, restaurants, and city shops. Cash, especially in lower denominations, is needed in a bargaining situation.
Africa Kenya travel Immunizations/ jabs and injections
The US Department of State recommends that you carry up-to –date immunization records of the following
  • Tetanus Boosters
  • Polio Boosters
  • Typhoid Shots
  • Gamma-globulin shots (against hepatitis A)
  • Yellow Fever vaccinations
  • Cholera vaccinations
Sources for Africa Kenya travel health information
Centre for Disease Control (CDC)
Robert is a Kenya travel agent of Sojourn safaris- One of travel agencies in Nairobi. At Landmark, we provide you with African travel advisories, Health and disease information and preventative injections and medications. Let us know where you want to go and your travel health questions here
Kenya fact file-All about Kenya including Kenya safari health, malaria on safari, yellow fever vaccines on Kenya vacation, Nairobi Kenya accepted visa cards, Kenya travel cheap, Kenya travel passports and visa, luxury, Kenya holidays, Kenya money exchange rates on safari, to change money in Kenya, Kenya culture, Kenya tourism, Kenya wildlife,

Sojourns Safaris offers you the best Kenya safari holiday wildlife tours. To find out more on the Masai Mara wildebeest/gnu migration Safari holidays tours, Trips, safaris and Travels, click here : Kenya Safari Holidays or for 4 days Kenya masai mara lion safari holidays here: 2014 Masai Mara Wildlife Migration Safari in Kenya

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The Top Ten Vacation Spots

If you are planning a vacation this year and want to try something different, here are the top ten vacation spots. One of these places is sure to fit the type of vacation you are planning, whether it’s to relax, have an adventure, a romantic getaway, or a family fun vacation.

1. Las Vegas- Over the years, the reputation of Las Vegas has changed from Sin City to a more family oriented vacation spot. Today, Las Vegas has a little something for everyone. Whether your vacation is geared towards gambling at a casino, live shows and entertainment such as Cirque du Soleil or a Gondola Ride at the Bellagio, or just shopping at the outlets and designer stores, Las Vegas can give you the experience of a lifetime, whatever your goal and budget.

2. Mexico- There are many Mexico vacation packages available that offer a perfect combination of historical interest, beaches, and the crazy night life. Mexico has various beautiful landscapes, including mountains, deserts, tropical jungles, and quaint villages and resorts for tourists. Try the favorite vacation spots of Acapulco and Guadalajara.

3. Hawaii- This is an obvious vacation pick because of its warm hospitality, stunning volcanoes, but first of all for its beautiful beaches. There are plenty of tourist spots on the islands, but try to really experience the island by hiking the volcanoes or by flying over the islands in a helicopter. You could even visit macadamia nut fields and see other beautiful island scenery.

4. Los Angeles, California- This city is home to Hollywood, and you are sure to spot a celebrity during your stay. Due to the beautiful Californian sunshine year round, it is the home of a large number of celebrities, and is the center of the TV and movie industry. You can take a tour of the stars’ homes or visit the bohemian zones. Since Los Angeles is also a popular spot for immigrants, there are plenty of different and even authentic cuisine restaurants ranging from Chinese to Mexican. A Los Angeles trip really has something for everyone.

5. Haute Route, Swiss Alps- If you want an adventure for your honeymoon or other vacation, Switzerland holds the famous Swiss Alps hiking adventure. Take the traditional Haute Route to see the largest mountain in Western Europe, the Matterhorn. A vacation with the Swiss will provide you plenty of culture, adventure, and warm hospitality.

6. New York City- Whether you are from abroad or a U.S. citizen, visiting New York is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. For the City that Never Sleeps, New York is truly a sight to behold. Be sure to take the time to visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. If you don’t catch a Broadway play while you are there, you better plan for a trip back. With the nearly uncounted number of activities you can do and things you can see, you will probably leave feeling that you have only just scratched the surface.

7. Aruba- Travelers love the sunny climate of Aruba, which boasts an 82 degree temperature on the white sandy beaches for most of the year. On the western and southern coasts you'll find a lot of sheltered beaches. This spot is a great alternative to the Caribbean and a perfect secluded honeymoon spot. January and February may be the best months for an Aruba vacation because that is when the carnival season starts, which ends with a grand parade.

8. Thailand- This country is named The Land of Smiles because you are welcomed by friendly people for whom smiling service to visitors is a great pleasure. Thailand has a lot to offer visitors. Whatever you are looking for, you will be fascinated by the ancient civilization and the glorious culture. There are wonderful sights, including exotic open-air markets and sparkling temples. There are endless souvenirs and cuisine at bargain prices. You can vacation for dirt cheap in Thailand, and even visit a luxurious health spa to regenerate your body and psyche. Also try to relax on a golden beach and enjoy the tropical sunshine and deep turquoise sea. Be sure to carefully plan your vacation so that you don’t get lost or swindled in this exotic country.

9. Machu Picchu in Peru- Hikers and tourists have visited the fascinating Inca civilization since its discovery in the early 1900s. Many call the experience magical. You can travel to another time by visiting the Inca temples and villages. Blending in with the hillside itself, many say the area creates a seamless and elegant green paradise, making it a must for anyone who travels to Peru.

10. France- The country has a lot of beautiful attractions and cultural structures to visit. It is bustling with activity, full of large cities like Paris and beautiful small villages and vineyard country side. The countryside still holds a strong impression of Old World feelings and hospitality. There are plenty of memorable places to visit and food to taste in France.

The Haute Route; Machu Picchu tours; European Adventures

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Day Tour safari Kenya Nairobi 1-One Day; Top 1 Day Tour Safari Kenya

Day Tour in Kenya Nairobi – 1 day tour trip

When transiting through Nairobi Kenya from other African countries like Rwanda, Burundi, DRC; you find enough time to do a Nairobi 1 day tour, trip or safari in Kenya. The best places to visit are within an hour from Nairobi town are you have enough time to make it back in time to the airport for your flight back home. Kenya one day tours are especially invigorating as a way of releasing the jet lag in Kenya.
Special one day tours in Nairobi Kenya are tailored to occupy your time that you would otherwise have spent waiting at the airport. Flights from African countries arriving in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International airport (JKIA) are in the morning while those connecting to Europe are in the late evening. This gives you a full 6-11,12 hours free to do a Nairobi Kenya day safari. Flights arriving in Nairobi from other African countries as and cities include;

Flights to Nairobi Kenya from Kigali Rwanda,
Flights to Nairobi Kenya from Cairo Egypt
Flights from Johannesburg to Nairobi
Flights to Nairobi from West Africa
Flights from DRC to Nairobi Kenya
Flights from Tanzania to Kenya
Flights from Uganda Kampala to Nairobi Kenya among flights from many other African countries
Connecting flights depart from Nairobi for Europe from 9.00pm to 01.00am to cities like London, Amsterdam, Gartwick, Milan, Rome, Casablanca, Paris, Berlin, Zürich among others. You will have enough time in Nairobi to do at least a 10 hour day tour to famous Kenya Nairobi landmark sites.

Nairobi National Park day tour and safari

This is a small national park within a city. The Nairobi national park is only 10 kilometers from the Nairobi city center and offers a wide variety of wildlife including lions, hippos, rhinos, cheetahs, wildebeest, hartebeest, topi, buffalo, impala. The Nairobi national park day tour is best done in the morning with lunch at the carnivore. Alternatively you can do an afternoon day tour/trip and cap it with a dinner at the carnivore restaurant.

Giraffe centre day tour

The giraffe centre is a 10 km Nairobi day tour from the city centre. Giraffe center has the endangered Rothschild giraffes which can be fed by hand and is a special delight for an afternoon safari. The giraffe center Nairobi day tour is usually combined with another morning session tour to the other many Nairobi day tour spots. Beside the giraffe centre is a giraffe manor house which with advance booking guests can have a lunch at the historic Swedish style house. This is a famous Nairobi Kenya day tour spot for lunch combined with a flair of feeding the graceful giraffes at the centre.

Nairobi Museum day trip

The museum is located 5 minutes from the central business district of Nairobi. It has recently undergone rehabilitation and expansion. The Nairobi museum day tour is very exciting and houses a collection of African artifacts, animal and bird species. The museum also has a snake park that attracts a lot of interest for transit tourists through the Nairobi international airport. It is a popular Nairobi day tour spot.

Daphne sheldrick elephant and rhino orphanage

The Daphne sheldrick orphanage is a sanctuary for orphaned elephants and rhino animals from the main Kenya national parks. It is located inside the Nairobi national park and houses a population of several elephant and rhino babies. This a particularly interesting Nairobi Kenya day tour where you get to be hugged by a baby elephants trunk. The playful baby rhino and elephants can also be bottle fed by visitors using a bottle feeder like that for a human baby. 

Nairobi Town tour and trip

This is a tour of Nairobi main famous landmarks and monuments. The Kenya day tour goes through the parliament buildings, the central park viewpoint where one can see the whole of Nairobi from the capitol hill viewpoint, the Jomo Kenyatta mausoleum, the Kenyatta international conference centre grounds,the central business district and the government street.This id a drive by Nairobi Kenya day tour with few stop at strategic place to view one monument or the other.

Railway museum Nairobi day tour and safari

This Nairobi day tour takes you to the Nairobi central railway station where you see the modern train wagons. At the railway museum, the famous Lunatic express steam engine trains are refurbished to their former glory and one can enjoy the comforts of a coffee in the old age stationary train wagons. This day trip in Nairobi is especially famous as a classic Nairobi safari tour for the nostalgic and people with a sense of old age adventure.

Karen Blixen museum day tour

The colonial house located just 12 km from the Nairobi centre has a rich romantic history of the ‘out of Africa’ fame. The old house was the home to Karen Blixen, the beauty of the colonial era with a life checkered with romance, illicit affairs and betrayal. Karen Blixen was colonial wife of a settler who got embroiled is extra marital affairs and whose life is epitomized by the film ‘Out of Africa’ and encased in the colonial settlers lifestyle in the film ‘White Mischief’. The house has now been turned into a museum and a coffee house with pictures and stories of Kenyan colonial past. The grounds are breath taking and well manicured.
To plan your 1 day Nairobi Kenya tour or trip, fill in a simple form here: Nairobi Day Tours or send them a quick email at info 'at' sojournsafaris.com

Day tour Kenya Nairobi 1 Day safari: one (1) day Kenya tour Kenya in Nairobi for a conference, business meeting, JKI Airport transit, en route or transiting through Kenya. Places to visit in Nairobi Kenya when you have 2,3,4,5,6 hours layover or a day in Nairobi. Most popular Nairobi Kenya day tours include the giraffe manor, giraffe centre, Nairobi national park, national Kenya museum, Nairobi town tour, trip, safari, or excursion in Nairobi,

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Kenya - Tanzania Safari Itinerary

Kenya Tanzania Safari Itinerary Tours
Day 1: Fly into Nairobi and overnight at the famous Norfolk Hotel in the heart of this bustling, exciting city
Day 2 - 5: Fly to Elsa's Kopje - Meru National Park in North Eastern Kenya. Elsa’s Kopje is a luxurious oasis in the wilds of Meru National Park and was named after Elsa the lioness raised and set free here in Meru National Park; by George and Joy Adamson in the film Born Free. The lodge blends into the hillside of Mughwango Hill, site of George Adamson’s original camp. Here game drives will be provided by the lodge in their open vehicles for a romantic African safari, reminiscent of bygone days.
Meru is vast with arid, open plains dotted with Doum Palms and Baobab trees and lush vegetation along 13 rivers, like green ribbons, bisecting the Park. Here visitors will see a diverse range of species, many animals differing from their counterparts in Southern Kenya and Tanzania. Regular sightings include Beisa Oryx, Gerenuk, Elephant, Grevy’s Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Lesser Kudu, Grant’s Gazelle, Leopard, Lion, Cheetah, Rhino and the rare, elusive Greater Kudu. Meru is famous for its bird life, including riverine and forest species as well as the arid dry country species
Day 6: Return flight to Nairobi's Wilson airport and connection flight to Arusha in Northern Tanzania. Today and overnight is spent Coffee Lodge a lovely luxury lodge set in a working coffee plantation.
Day 7 - 9: Tarangire National Park: Transport 4 x 4 'safari' Land Cruiser to Swala Camp. Swala's nine private, permanent tents feature en suite bathrooms with showers, complemented by fittings and fixtures crafted from local materials to mirror the understated elegance of the time-honored safari style.
Nestled in a remote pocket of Tarangire National Park, Swala is sited in a copse of majestic acacia trees at the edge of the Gurusi wetlands and the unfurling savannah beyond. The stands of ancient baobab trees, large family herds of elephants, prolific bird life and dry season concentrations of wildlife make Tarangire the classic Africa of lore – feted by explorers, immortalized in documentaries and sought after by the discerning traveler. This picturesque safari hideaway is exclusive in the southwestern corner of Tarangire National Park, affording guests private game viewing, wilderness luxury, and a privileged glimpse of an Africa, unspoiled by tourism.
Day 10 - 11: Ngorongoro Crater: Ngorongoro Crater Lodge consists of three adjacent, glamorous camps with 30 Maasai-inspired suites perched on stilts on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. From the outside, this unobtrusive lodge resembles a magical Maasai village. Set in classic crescents, each stone and thatch suite has spectacular views of the crater from large glass windows in the bathroom, lounge and bedroom, yet is almost invisible from the crater floor.
Day 12 - 14: Central Serengeti: Your lodge will be Serena Serengeti Lodge conveniently placed for your early morning ballooning safari over the serengeti.
At dawn take off, rising as the sun rises and float in whichever direction the winds of the morning take us. Your pilot can precisely control the altitude of your balloon: sometimes flying at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the wildlife below.
Day 15: Return flight from the Serengeti in light aircraft to Arusha for onward flight to Pemba or Mafia Island.
The site http://www.tanzania-info.co.uk has full details of National Parks and timetables for Zanzibar Ferries, flights and Buses in Tanzania – and http://sojournsafaris.com has safari information. Use responsible tourism to make a difference to the countries and peoples you visit.

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African Safari Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Where are lions still found in the wild?
A. Africa south of the Sahara Desert
B. Northwest India
C. Both A and B
D. The zoo
C. Both A and B
TOPICS: Today, lions are found in the wild in only two places on earth. About 100,000 lions survive in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. Another 300 lions, called Asian lions, live in a reserve called the Gîr National Park and Lion Sanctuary in northwest India.
2. Elephants are the largest land animals and among the longest-lived. How long does the average elephant live?
A. 100 years
B. 60 years
C. 40 years
D. 20 years
B. 60 years
TOPICS: Highly intelligent and strong, elephants are the largest land animals and are among the longest-lived, with life spans of 60 years or more. Healthy, full-grown elephants have no natural enemies other than humans.
3. Apes are highly intelligent primates. How many species of ape are there?
A. 2
B. 13
C. 202
D. 313
B. 13
TOPICS: An ape is any of 13 species including chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons, and orangutans. Apes are sometimes confused with monkeys, but unlike their smaller primate counterparts, apes do not have tails and their arms are usually longer than their legs. Apes live in tropical woodlands and forests of Africa and Asia.
4. Hippopotamuses are often called river horses for what trait?
A. They are horses that only graze with a river in sight
B. They are horses who choose to spend most days in water
C. They can breathe underwater thanks to the gills behind their ears
D. Their noses have special flaps that close when they go underwater
D. Their noses have special flaps that close when they go underwater
TOPICS: Hippopotamuses actually resemble pigs more than horses. They have large heads with small eyes and small ears; their nostrils, surrounded by sparse, bristly hairs, are equipped with special flaps that close down when the animal goes underwater.
5. Great apes have well-developed brains and are among the most intelligent of all animals. What trait do they demonstrate that we thought only humans possess?
A. Creating Haiku poetry
B. Making alcoholic beverages
C. Space travel
D. Making tools
D. Making tools
TOPICS: In the wild, chimpanzees and orangutans are known to make simple tools, such as sharpened sticks used to extract insects from holes in tree trunks. Toolmaking involves a preconceived image of what the tool will look like, a visualization ability that is only possible with an advanced brain. Orangutans have even been observed untying knots, working out for themselves the steps necessary to achieve this complex task.
6. Which Zebra trait is NOT true?
A. Zebras can recognize other zebras by the pattern of stripes on their bodies
B. Mountain zebras take a dust bath almost every day
C. Grevy's zebra and the mountain zebra are endangered due to illegal hunting and habitat destruction
D. Larger than a horse
D. Larger than a horse
TOPICS: Zebra, striped mammal native to Africa, smaller in size than the related horse and greatly resembling the wild ass in habit and form, having a short, erect mane, large ears, and a tufted tail. The stripes, which distinguish this animal from other members of the horse family, serve as protective coloration in its natural habitat.
7. Despite their immense strength, lions do not have an easy life in the wild. They suffer from parasites and disease, they get injured or even killed while hunting or fighting with each other, and they may starve when food is scarce. How many cubs die before they are 1 year old?
A. One-quarter
B. Two-thirds
C. Half
D. Nearly all
B. Two-thirds
TOPICS: About two-thirds of all cubs die before they are 1 year old. Adult males are usually old and battered by age 10, if they survive that long, and they rarely live longer than 12 years. Females may live longer, up to 16 years, and some are still breeding at 15. In zoos, where they receive veterinary care and plenty of food-and are not allowed to fight-lions can live as long as 25 years.
8. Fossils of elephant ancestors indicate they once lived on what continents?
A. Only Africa and Asia
B. Australia and Antarctica
C. All except Australia and Antarctica
D. Europe and the Americas
C. All except Australia and Antarctica
TOPICS: Fossils of elephant ancestors indicate they once lived on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, but elephant habitat today is restricted to Africa and parts of Southeast Asia. Elephants occupy an array of environments in Africa and Southeast Asia-grasslands, marshes, forests, deserts, and mountains. They are herbivores, or plant eaters, and need great quantities of food to sustain their massive size. They also need a lot of drinking water and so are restricted to areas with ample vegetation and adequate water.
Deanna Mascle shares more fun trivia questions and answers at http://funtriviaonline.info

To find yourself a suitable Kenya safari package to go in 2008,click on the appropriate link below:

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African Safaris: What Are My Options?

Planning for an African Safari can get you very excited. But usually when you're a first- timer, you find yourself at a loss on what to do. The first step in creating that perfect African adventure is to know what your options are. Here is a rundown of the different kinds of African Safaris. Read through them and see if one particular type catches your fancy.
1. Walking Safaris
Undoubtedly the best way to experience the African wildlife. It usually consists of a group of five to eight people led by armed and qualified professional guides. The tour takes you into the African "bush" through walking trails. As you walk along areas abundant with game, the guide or ranger tells you interesting things about the surrounding plant and animal life. You might even learn a thing or two about tracking animals and perhaps even get the chance to watch a roaming lion from a safe distance. You can choose to be based in a luxury lodge or go back to basics and rough it in bush camps. Walking safaris can take a few hours or even last for up to five days, depending on the itinerary you wish to take. The most important things you should look into when choosing a walking safari are how experienced the guides are and the quality of the location. You must also be reasonably healthy and fit before thinking of joining a walking safari.
2. Privately - Guided Safaris
A more exclusive type of safari, usually for people who are trying to study a particular subject related to the African wilderness. Excursions are more in-depth and reach far out into more remote areas. This kind of safari also usually makes use of specialist guides who are experts in a particular field. The specialist guide accommodates one to two clients and the safari may take longer than the usual depending on their arrangement with the client.
3. Mobile Safaris
If you're not the type who can keep up with walking under the African sun for hours, this is probably more to your liking. Imagine yourself riding in a 4X4 vehicle past a herd of gazelles or a pride of lions. One advantage of opting for a mobile safari is that you're able to cover more ground in less time. You can also expect to spend some time exploring on foot, as there are certain stop - over points during the journey.
4. Self-Drive Safaris
This is the kind of safari for people who are a bit more daring and adventurous. Basically, you rent your own vehicle, decide on your own route (some agencies offer pre - planned self - drive itineraries that you can choose from) and explore at your own pace. This will take up much of your time in making preparations, as you would have to conduct a little more research about the area you're planning to travel around in.
5. Fly-In Safaris
If you have a big budget but not a lot of time on your hands, a fly-in safari (by plane or helicopter) is the best way to go. The pilot guides you on a trip to specific spots and you're sure to travel in style because stop-overs usually have very exclusive camps and lodges. Another bonus with fly-in safaris is the ability to travel to seldom - visited areas that are not accessible by land.
6. Canoe Safaris
One of the most popular safari options. If your safari fantasy includes rowing along an African river while peacefully observing wildlife, then this is for you. It's a fun alternative especially for those who enjoy much physical activity. You don't necessarily need to have previous experience as most of the guides can easily give you a quick training.
Whatever safari option you pick, make sure it works with your budget. There are several resources on the Web to provide you with all the information you need. You may also contact your favorite travel agency to help you decide on the perfect African safari for you.
Michael Russell Your Independent guide to African Safaris

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Budget Airlines In South Africa - Travel Across SA For Cheaper That You Think

Local tourism has been on the up with the introduction of more budget airlines over the past few years, and these days it is easier than ever to work national flights into your holiday budget. So, while airfare to South Africa may have been on the rise recently, budget airlines in South Africa are making sure that travel in South Africa is affordable to airline users.

There are a couple of airlines competing to offer the cheapest flights to Johannesburg, and it is now possible to find cheap flights to Durban, cheap flights to JHB and cheap flights to Cape Town from one of the budget airlines in South Africa.

Mango Airways, Kulula Airline and Nationwide are probably the three cheapest options when flying in South Africa, although it may be worthwhile checking 1Time, SAA and British Airways to see if there are specials available.

Each airline has its own quirks and benefits, so make sure of the services provided and what is included in your ticket price. You may need to buy lunch on the flight, or it may be included. If you think you will need to eat on the flight you may want to make sure of this detail.

Whichever airline you choose to fly with when traveling in South Africa, make sure to get to the airport in time, double check your boarding time and when you should check in your luggage. There are a variety of car rental agents available at each of the major South African airports, but you may find it easier to call the rental agency in advance if you are planning to rent a car in your destination city.

Cheap flights in South Africa are widley available.

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Visiting the Great Wall of China - Clothing and Footwear

When visiting the Great Wall of China, clothing is an important consideration. The Great Wall is an amazing achievement, one of the most impressive in the history of humanity. For that reason, those individuals who visit the Great Wall will likely want to spend a great deal of time walking and enjoying the extensive foot paths. To do so, the proper clothing and footwear are absolutely necessary or the experience could be marred by an uncomfortable day in possibly harsh weather conditions.

Clothing for the Great Wall of China

Much of the Great Wall, especially those sections that are most magnificent and well built are built among the mountain passes. These were military structures and for that reason, were built out of necessity not comfort. For that reason, you should wear the appropriate clothing. Assuming you visit the Great Wall during the summer, you should bring light clothing, suitable for hiking and walking in the mountains. Heavier clothing will only make your hike more difficult.

Also, your clothing should be suitably waterproof and wind-resistant as weather conditions in the mountains can be at times highly unpredictable and harsh. You will want clothing that breathes easily, but is not too thin, so that you do not sweat profusely and can remain comfortable while walking.

Footwear for the Great Wall of China

Every route of the Great Wall is slightly different and requires a different approach to foot protection. Primarily, it’s important to note that you should not wear new shoes into the mountainous routes as your feet will likely swell because of the altitude. If you need new hiking shoes, wear them a few times before visiting the Great Wall to break them in. You should always wear some form of hiking boot or waterproof shoes to ensure proper ankle support and traction while walking the sometimes steep paths on the Wall. Be prepared for extensive walking.

Because of the risk of blisters, you should wear thick socks. It is true that cotton socks are at first more comfortable and work better to keep your feet dry by absorbing sweat, but their lack of support will cause you pain in the long run.

Preparation is Key

When preparing to visit any outdoor location in which you might be forced to walk great distances or spend a good deal of time climbing, you should be prepared for the possible outcomes. Carry with you a small bag with extra clothing in case of severe weather and whatever you might need if your feet become blistered. You clothing might seem like a small matter amongst the enormity of visiting the Great Wall, but without the right preparation, you will find it hard to properly enjoy your trip.

Travelling to the Great Wall of China? Show China the REAL reason for the Great Wall's construction. For comic Great Wall t-shirts and gifts, check out: http://www.toomanyrabbits.com

Natalie Stephan lives on the south coast of Sydney is the creator of the Happy Vibe Gift Shop that originated with a comic design of the Great Wall of China inspired by a popular Australian telecommunications TV commercial. Natalie also has a mailing list which offers subscribers free information about many topics relating to personal development, meditation, and creating lasting happiness.

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The Best Nude Beaches of the World

The first place of this list is given to the famous South Beach in Miami (the USA) attracting tourists from the whole planet. This beach situated next to the Art Deco region is having fun nonstop. Here you can feel the real “American freedom” which is already hard to be found in the USA.

The most popular nude beach Las Salinas is situated at Ibiza, Spain. The ancient saltworks situated next to the beach still gain salt for cosmetology purposes. Skin becomes smooth and silky after taking procedures with this salt. That’s why tourists visiting Ibiza have a unique chance to combine pleasant things with the useful ones.

The wealthy nudists’ favorite vacation place is La Voile Rouge beach, Saint Tropes(France). Famous Hollywood stars prefer to have a vacation here. But those who dream to unite with the nature are better to visit Clifton Beach in Baneberry (Australia), which is the lovely place of “classical” nudists. Here they do not only rest upon the sand, but sometimes arrange rises to nearest mountains and ride the bicycle being absolutely naked.

The silence and rest lovers have to visit a half-civilized beach Anse de Gouverneur situated at the Saint-Bartelmy Island and intended as for the nudists as well for the tourists preferring to have rest in swimwear.

For some people the term "nudist beach " causes anxiety and a mixed sensation of shame and danger. However thousands of naturists (this term seems more exact to the adherents of naked rest) in the world consider, that it is the most natural way to tan and swim. And there is a lot of such beautiful places on the planet, where such way of unification with the nature is considered legal.

For the first time beaches with people tanning naked became popular on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts in 50s. Since that time have appeared much more nudist beaches, and their geography became more various. However, now nudist beaches are not so popular, as in a heat of sexual revolution.

Iuri Tarabanov writes about interesting travel experiences. His Discount Travel site is http://www.travelime.com

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Arabs Are Shocked - A Young British Woman Walked Nude In Jumeirah

Unprecedented heat, which was settled in European countries this year, made many inhabitants of our continent reconsider their holiday plans. Pining because of the heat Europeans forgot about their careers and businesses and went to storm travel agencies, whose advertisements promise "paradise enjoying" on beaches of exotic countries. Nevertheless the heat obviously had a depressing effect not only on tourists' physical health, who was exhausted by the weather anomaly, it also made some of them forget the simplest rules of decency. If they infringe them at their motherland, they are due at least a fine.

A recent incident at the famous resort Jumeirah (UAE) turned into a real scandal, when a young British woman, melt on a beach under rays of the hot Arabic sun, felt too lazy to put on the top part of her swimsuit and went to the hotel almost nude.

The inhabitants of the city, who became unwilled witnesses of this "defile", literally bombarded with letters editorial offices of local newspapers and magazines, expressing their displeasure with "foreigners' familiarity, who wishes to respect neither customs nor religious feelings" of natives.

A woman at the age of 35, who lives in Dubai, called at the editorial office Gulf News. She was indignant at the fact that foreigners not only dress defiantly but also behave in an unseemly way at public places. "Last year during the sacred month of Ramadan, when all believers are fasting (editor's note - During the fast Muslims are ordered to abstain from eating, drinking an sexual relations at daytime) - under the office windows, where I worked, crowds of foreign women were walking, dressed in bikini, and chewing hamburgers... How can we after that respect people, who doesn't want to know anything about our customs?, - she wondered. - I think that our authorities are also guilty in the situation, which turned out in the country. They almost do not react to the happening".

Hulud - a student from Sharjah at the age of 23 is of another opinion. "I think that fines will not help. The authorities must educate people through mass-media means." She added also that most of foreigners, whom she knew, respected the Arabic and Islamic culture but nevertheless "some of them being untaught or inattentive ignore all requests and prohibitions and behave so, as if they are in the yard of their house".

An Italian professor Alessandro, coming to UAE every year, agrees with settling of signs on all beaches and public places, which would inform foreigners what they should not do. "I often see sunbathing nude women at the territory of the hotel Jumeirah Beach Park,- he said. - I think that they should remember in what country they are and pay attention to reaction of servicers of the hotel and other people, who find themselves near the hotel because of different reasons."

"If I were a member of the administration I would place signs "The nudes are forbidden to enter the territory" everywhere. Also I would put at a prison everybody who infringes this rule for half a year, as the local law claims", declared the guest from Italy.

A visitor of a blog at the site Gulf News Abdulrahman, who lives in Dubai, writes following: "Just think, in France - a "civilized" European country, a considerable part of citizens of which are Muslims, the authorities make women show at public places without a hidjab. They motivate their decision in the following way: Frenchmen ostensibly "do not want to accept customs of the minority". At the same time nobody can explain clearly till now with what covered women-muslims differ outwardly from catholic nuns, who are allowed to show in much more strange and closed clothes... Meanwhile coming for holidays in UAE "guests from Europe" not only infringe customs of the living at the territory of our country Mussulman majority, they also challenge to the whole Islamic society, declaring about "backwardness of the Islamic world", which is expressed only in the fact that we do not want to see under windows of our houses undressed, drunk people, who behaves worse than animals".

The inhabitant of foggy Albion evidently did not expect such an impetuous reaction to her walking "topless". She was very confused and told to a Gulf News correspondent, that she felt "completely embarrassed". "I knew that I should not walk in the city with such appearance, but I lost the top part of my swimsuit and decided that it would not be terrible if I reach the hotel without it, - she said. Besides in the evening there were not very many people on the beach and when I met men I covered my body with my hands".

The head of Dubai municipality Ahmad Abdulkarim considers that because of increasing flow of foreign tourists and also of Europeans and Americans, who actively purchases property in UAE, the government of the country must think seriously about teaching to new-comers rules of behavior in UAE, where absolute majority of population confesses Islam and holds on to certain traditions also to those ones of dressing.

At the moment guests from European and American countries are offered just small booklets, in which among other recommendations it is timidly suggested "not to show undressed at public places".

The executive director of Touristic Department Ali Abdulrahman affirms that "as compared with the other Emirates the inhabitants of Dubai have the most tolerant attitude to "foreigners' clothes, which is more opened than traditional one". Nevertheless he insists that coming for holiday to the Emirate guests observe decency and respect indigenous inhabitants' feelings. "On beaches and swimming pools swimsuits and opened clothes are considered permissible, but in the street guests are obliged to observe a certain dress-code", - he said.

Iuri Tarabanov writes about interesting travel experiences. His Travel Deals site is http://www.travelime.com

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Travel Efficiently And Travel Light

There's a lot of grumbling at the airports today over surcharges for overweight luggage. We all need to rethink this "more is better" and plan our packing more efficiently. The old large suitcases, which came in 30" and 31" sizes, are no longer practical. Because of the sheer volume you can carry in these big cases you will be sure to go overweight. Most of the airlines are allowing 50lbs per case. The good news is you are usually allowed to bring two cases as baggage, along with a carryon and a personal bag.

Be sure to check with your particular airline to make sure you are compliant with their regulations to avoid a surcharge. You can usually pack a 27" or 26" and not be overweight. Two of these cases will hold more than the 30" or 31" size. Remember, as a rule, the older luggage was much heavier than the new models today. The manufacturers have adjusted to the new regulations and are offering lightweight luggage with a better, lighter frame on all of the newer models. You'll see all of the advertisements read "lightweight" but you'll need to actually lift the case and see for yourself, which is the lightest of the models.

You also want to continue to look for ballistic nylon in the materials and a good wheel system and locking push or pull handle. You do not have to give up the quality you want. When you are packing try to mix and match your clothing. Shoes and sneakers will add up quickly in weight, so limit your footwear. For the women, there are now shoes available with different tops. You can take one pair of shoes, and lots and lots of different colored tops. You'll want to take a lightweight folding travel umbrella and jacket along with your other travel accessories. Pack a travel steamer instead of an iron; it's lighter and will do a good job. If you're traveling outside of the United States and need an electrical converter the newest versions are very lightweight. Instead of packing a heavy coat, wear it on the airplane. You can always take it off and put it overhead or under the seat ahead of you.

The new regulations for air travel require you to pack your cosmetics in the luggage. You are only permitted to take a clear, one quart sized bag on the plane with bottles of 3 ounces or less. Many different companies are offering these 3-1-1 bags for your convenience. There are also travel-sized bottles available. Try not to pack that gallon-sized bottle of shampoo and either buy their travel version or pour some into these travel bottles available. You can reduce the weight you're carrying easily with smaller bottles of cosmetics and toiletries. Because the baggage is not pressurized, you will need to double bag your liquids to prevent spilling and leaking. Plastic wrap bottles first, and then pack in a plastic lined cube or case for safety before packing your discount luggage. Accidents with these liquids and creams can be messy and expensive to fix.

Pack a folding tote or duffel bag. These are handy for shopping and can be packed if your luggage is going overweight. There are many versions of these folding cases available. They are especially popular as corporate gifts and can be monogrammed with individual initials or a company name or logo. A travel scale is available now for your luggage and is a great idea to take along. They are easy to use and will insure that you keep within the weight limits posted. Now you're ready to travel light!

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 38 years. She is currently working at Village Luggage and Gifts.

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33 Travel Safety Tips

Traveling to unfamiliar destinations can bring to you the sort of troubles you do not want to experience while on the road namely: robbery, rape, or murder. Tourists often fall prey to perpetrators because they do not prepare properly before embarking on a trip. Let's examine some things you should do to prevent your travels from becoming a tragedy:

1. Never list your home address on the luggage tag. If on business, put the company's address on the tag; if visiting friends you can list their address. Use covered luggage tags as well.

2. Stay with your luggage until the luggage is checked. If you must put your bag down, keep one foot on the handle.

3. Carry important papers with you; NEVER check anything that you simply cannot afford to lose. Photocopy your passport, driver's license and credit cards.

4. Bring a small flashlight. You never know when you'll suddenly be "in the dark" and find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. At night, keep your flashlight by your bed.

5. Make sure that your prescription medicines are filled properly and labeled accurately. In some countries certain prescription medicines are forbidden.

6. Never wear anything that projects affluence. No gold chains, expensive watches and rings, luggage, or other paraphernalia should be in easy view. Better yet: leave your jewelry at home.

7. If possible travel with only one or two credit cards.

8. Women particularly should never accept a drink from a stranger. Keep an eye on your drink at all times.

9. Vary your schedule; try not to come and go at the same time everyday.

10. Only stay in a hotel that uses cards to open room doors and make sure your room has a peephole and a deadbolt lock. Secure the chain and secure the door by pushing a rubber stop under it.

11. Stay in a room near a stairwell. Never take the elevator if a fire or smoke is detected. Always stay in a hotel where the doors enter the hallway and not directly from the outside.

12. Do not wear name tags in public.

13. Do not use unmarked taxi cabs.

14. Sit behind the driver so you can see him, but he cannot see you.

15. Pay the driver upon arriving at your destination and while you are still sitting in the vehicle.

16. If you must rent a car, rent only from a reputable company. Any operating problems that occur could signal sabotage.

17. Be aware of 'staged' car accidents meant to catch you off card.

18. Back into your parking spaces to facilitate a quick exit.

19. Park only in well lit and well traveled areas.

20. If your cell phone does not work outside of the country, consider renting one that does for the duration of your trip.

21. If detained for whatever reason by an official, ask for identification. If in doubt, tell them that you want to see his superior. Keep your emotions in check.

22. If traveling with children, bring along an updated photograph of each child in the event that you become separated from them.

23. Write your child's name and your hotel number on each card; include a close friend's or relative's contact information on the card. Give a card to each child which they will carry with them as long as you are away. Destroy once home.

24. Discuss with your family what they would do in event of an emergency while away from home, e.g. whom to call, how to contact emergency personnel, etc.

25. Do not discuss travel plans, your room number or any other personal information in public within earshot of strangers.

26. Bring along a basic first aid kit with bandages, iodine, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, alcohol packets, dramamine, pepto bismol, diarrhea medicine, etc.

27. Familiarize yourself with train and bus schedules before traveling. Have an alternate plan in place in the event your transportation plans change.

28. Do not flash your passport in public. Discreetly show important documents to officials only.

29. Consider purchasing portable alarms that emit a loud sound.

30. Watch for scams on the street. Children working with adults are notorious as pickpockets.

31. Never flash your money in public. Exchange funds with reputable and recognized exchangers only.

32. Have tips ready in advance for service personnel.

33. Consider renting an escort [security] service if traveling in areas where crime is high.

The key to safe traveling in any area is situational awareness. Distractions because of luggage, children, hotel personnel, strangers, etc. can put you at risk. Know your surroundings and stay in control of every situation.

Matt manages the Corporate Flight Attendant Community a comprehensive resource center for business flight attendants who travel throughout the world. You can visit the community at http://www.corporateflyer.net or http://www.cabinmanagers.com