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Single Day Tour Package in Nairobi: 1 Day Tours from Nairobi to Nairobi Landmark Features

One Day Tours From Nairobi :

If you are in nairobi and wondering where you can go to spend that free day or afternoon, then there are several places that you may want to consider in teh city. Some of these are wildlife areas while others are historical museums, locomotive museums, animal orphanages, slum tours, Restaurants, city walking tours, hiking tours and even biking tours in nairobi.

Nairobi National Park 1 Day Tours: One Day African Lion Safari in Nairobi Animal Park

The Nairobi national park is located 8km from the town centre and 15km from the Nairobi Intl Airport. The park is only 117sq km in size and with 3 main ecosystems from dry land forest to the western end of the park, the savannah grassland to the south of the park and the riverine forest vegetation at the southern most boundary.

The animals in the park are also divided according to the three habitats in the park and they represent the majority of all animals that can be found in Kenya including lions, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, hippo, giraffes, zebra, elands, gazelles, ostriches, hyenas, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.

The Nairobi Single day tour involves a 4hr game drive in the park and can be done in the morning starting at 7am or in the afternoon beginning at 2pm. The Nairobi national park tour is best when combined with any other tour or with a lunch or dinner at the carnivore or rangers restaurants in the vicinity.

Daphnes Baby Elephant Orphanage:Go on a Nairobi One (1) Day Elephant Baby Safari Tour

The Daphnes baby elephant orphanage is located on the western edge of Nairobi National Park and is involved in the rescue, caring and rehabilitating orphaned baby elephants as a result of poaching or abandonment or accidents.

The orphans are taken care of in the orphanage and are even nursed using bottled milk by the caregivers. The caregivers become adoptive mothers and they even sleep in the same quarters with the baby elephants.
You can watch the baby orphaned elephants being fed and as they play at the waterholes as you get a lecture of each of them including their names and background and how they are coping at the nairobi orphaned baby elephants sanctuary. You can also adopt a baby elephant at the orphanage by making small donations and you are informed of their progress through a newsletter.

Giraffe Center Baby Orphanage tour: One Day Nairobi Giraffe Tours Packages to Giraffe Sanctuary

The giraffe centre is another orphanage that specialices in saving Rothschild giraffes which are highly endangered. The giraffes are housed in a large area and a raised platform is provided where you can watch them and even feed them with pellets. They are friendly giraffes and you can even hold them and take some very nice photos.

The Giraffe centre is managed by African Fund for Endangered Wildlife-AFEW which also has other conservation projects in the country. You can also adopt a baby giraffe at the giraffe center by making some donations and you will receive regular news of the adopted giraffe through their newsletters.

Karen Blixen Museum Day Tour by Denmark: One Day Historical Tour to Blixen Danes Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is a colonial history attraction which was a former coffee farm and house for Karen Blixen. The lady owner returned home to Denmark after the coffee business became a cropper and started writing as an author. She became widely popular through her book "Out of Africa" which was a recount of her love for Africa, her farm and the love affair with another British settler.

The tour is a famous guided walk through her years in kenya and love life in the country and eventually her writing days in Denmark. The Karen blixen is very popular with Denmark Tourists in Kenya as they want to see the house and farm that they have read about their fellow Dane.

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