Friday, September 16, 2016

1 Day Amboseli Trips Excursions| One (1) Day Amboseli Park Tours Safaris

One Day tour. 1 Day excursion in Amboseli park is an exciting Amboseli one day trip to see the highest mountain in Africa standing at 5895m asl. The Mt Kilimanjaro views are best at the Amboseli national park and the whole tour can be done in a day from Nairobi. 

Where is Amboseli National Park?

Amboseli national park is a 390 sq km protected area situated some 280km from Nairobi to the south west. The park is located right below the Mt Kilimanjaro and gets all its waters from this mountain. The name Amboseli is derived from the masai word ‘empusel’ which means a place of salty dust. 

Amboseli is an otherwise dry, patched and dusty park which can get really dry save for the huge ponds that are permanently fed from waters of the Kilimanjaro. The melted ice peaks of Kilimanjaro move into underground tubes and emerge in the Amboseli as very clean and cool waters that the elephants love to drink and wallow in.

Day Trip to Amboseli National Park Attractions

A day trip to Amboseli national park starts from Nairobi early in the morning at dawn and arrives in the park at 10:00am and start the game drive. By this time you will have seen the mountain from way before the gate and you can take as many pictures as you can. Inside the park, the view of the mountain becomes very imposing with its blue foot and the snow covered peak kibo right above your horizon.

The view of Kilimanjaro forms the best background where you can take pictures of the animals in the foreground and the imposing mountain snow in the back. The Amboseli elephant’s portrait with the Kilimanjaro mountain in the background has for years been the signature poster for an authentic African safari experience.

You will enjoy a 5hour game drive looking for the large herds of elephants and also the other animals like the hippos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, leopards, gazelles, buffalos, elands, hyenas, wildebeests, waterbucks and many others.

You will also enjoy a picnic lunch at the top of the observation hill where they have provided some comfortable sheds with some shade. You will also enjoy a 360 degree view of the animals below and the lake Amboseli. 

In the afternoon, you will start your drive back to Nairobi with an enroute game drive to look out for other animals that you may not have seen. You will start off for Nairobi and return just in time for diner at your hotel.

6:00am: You will be picked from your hotel or residence at dawn and start the drive south

6:20am: Enjoy the views of wildlife in the private ranches along Mombasa road as you drive further.

10:00am: Arrive at the Amboseli gate and start your day long game drive to see the many animals  including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, buffalos, hyenas, gazelles, giraffes, elands, wildebeests among others. 

11:00am: Enjoy the absolutely magnificent view of the Kilimanjaro from very close. Take as many pictures of the mountain with its snow covered peak kibo.

1:00pm: Climb the Observation hill to enjoy your picnic lunch with a view of the park from the top. The sight here is breath taking.

2:00pm: Continue with another hour of game drive in the park.

3:00pm: Depart the park with an enroute game drive towards Nairobi

7:00pm: Return back to Nairobi and drop off at your Nairobi hotel or residence.

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